Know the Sales Tax Rate for Your Customer.

Using Sales Tax Explorer

Louisiana Sales Tax Rates are available to you in only a few steps using our tool Sales Tax Explorer. Easily look up a sales or use tax rate by address, zip code or even coordinates.

In 2 Quick Steps

You can easily lookup the correct amount of Louisiana sales & use tax for purchased goods including:

Automobiles, boats & other licensed or tagged items

Equipment delivered to oil wellhead destinations

Delivered goods including furniture, appliances, etc

Farm equipment

RV/motor homes

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All in One Place

The results will show you all related sales tax rate information in a table format ready for use.

Get it Right the First Time

Due to Louisiana having over 300 different sales & use tax areas with varying rates, we have created a statewide map that partitions each unique area and automatically assigns the correct rate to that area. By simply entering an address and purchase amount, Sales Tax Explorer will immediately calculate the precise sales & use tax rate for deliveries. With the correct rate automatically referenced for the user, the amount can easily be totaled and completed with confidence.

Delays and costs associated with having your transaction rejected by the Department of Motor Vehicles or other taxing authorities

Awkward conversations with customers requesting additional money owed due to sales & use tax rate calculation errors

Exposure to an audit of sales & use tax collection errors

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Apply Louisiana Tax Rates and Domicile Codes Directly in your App.

Using our rate calculator API, you can ensure the correct Louisiana sales tax is applied to your payment processes.

Ensure Correct Rate Lookups for your Application’s Calculations

Using Sales Tax Explorer’s API integration, sales tax calculations can applied directly into your web application for direct and reliable rate lookups. The API expands tax rates lookups to the programmatic level allowing for the retrieval of Louisiana sales tax and domicile code data on the fly. Working with our team, you can directly apply our data to your application’s payment processes accurately and securely. You can also define reporting permissions that fit your user model, and provide a more seamless payment experience for your users.

API integration for direct processing of tax rates in your web app.

Accurate tax rate and domicile codes for your use.

Tiered levels of services offer flexible payment plans.

Custom implementation from our development team.

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